Makeup is only a tool for beautifying. Self confidence, uniqueness and the feeling of femininity that makeup gives You however, is incomparable.

My name is Tímea Buris, a professional makeup artist. In 2017 I attended the Dominique Roberts Professional Make Up School, where I learned under Dominique Roberts’ care, who is a world champion makeup master. The profession of makeup art is an exciting craft influenced by fashion, it changes in every season, so I think it is important to constantly improve myself. After a successful exam, Hungary’s outstanding and famous, celebrity makeup-artist, Pohorelli Betti helped me to learn new techniques. I am one of the fortunate people, who could attend the world-famous Nanara Berezina’s two-day long Master Class course, which opened new dimensions for me in makeup art. After that, I continued my studies in Alveola Beauty Academy’s Beauty Advisor course.

A few words of my work and principles. For a flawless result, I only work with professional materials. I think it’s important to dream of the most suitable makeup for the occasion and your personality together with You. For this purpose I’ll make sure to help you create harmony with yourself, and to build your self-confidence. My goal is to preserve and enhance what the nature gave, to make up what it refused to give, and make those things it did give magical. Let it be a wedding, a photo shoot, a television show, a fashion show, christmas or any other holiday, or great occasion, I’ll make a professional makeup for you suiting your needs. I work in Budapest or in the countryside too, on the basis of an individual agreement.

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